Modern American Sustainable

A person sits in a chair. It happens millions of times a day, and few of us give it a second thought. Yet it’s a connection—one we believe should be not only comfortable, but meaningful. Because we think good, functional design and environmentally responsible practices can make our world a better place to live in. And sit in.

Who we are
At Staach, we strive to create the finest modern handcrafted furniture using only sustainable methods and materials. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, our passionate designers and craftspeople create inspiring sustainable furnishings and environments for home and commercial spaces. Our mission is to create exceptional products that are affordable for people and good for the planet.

What we stand for
For us, sustainability is a way of life. A process of continually finding more and better ways of existing within this world. As designers, craftspeople, employers and retailers, we recognize our actions carry significant weight. We pride ourselves for being proactive, respected advocates for social and environmental causes and continually look for ways to improve our contributions.

What we do
Whether it’s the quality of our customer service or our products, we believe that the future of our endeavors is reliant on connecting with people and understanding their needs. From creative concepts to the final product, we create unique sustainable solutions to meet individual customer needs.

Product Design - Commercial and retail products and consumer home furnishings
Contract Manufacturing - Partner with designers and businesses to build custom products
Architectural Design - Apply the latest sustainability methods to create holistic buildings
Environments - Design commercial and retail interiors for a unique brand experience
Consulting Services - Share knowledge and expertise in sustainable business practices


Please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

250 Cumberland Street
Rochester, NY 14605


Staach provides artistic vision for the environmental design process. We do not currently represent ourselves as a licensed architectural service provider.